May 7th Bremerton Elks  730-1030
May 15th Bremerton Elks 12-4?    Chili Cookoff
June 5th Stocktons ..Maple Valley 8-12
June 19th Burien Eagles 7-11
June 25/26 unavail.
July 23rd Roy General Store Event Center 8-12
July 24th Private Party
Aug 6th Buckley Eagles 7:30
Aug. 7-15 unavail.
Aug 20th Bremerton Elks 730-1030
Aug 21st Roy General Store Event Center 8-12
Sept 11 Stocktons...Maple Valley 7-11
Oct 1st Buckley Eagles 7:30
Nov 5th Bremerton Elks 730-1030
Nov 20th Roy OGS Event Center 8-12
Dec 3rd Buckley Eagles 7:30

Bookings: H-253-535-3599 
  or C-253-686-9580 (this number also text-able)
Dates are on a first come, first booked basis, so please book early to ensure your date is secured. Thanks!!!

2020  covid wipeout 
Jan 3rd Port Orchard Eagles 8p
Jan 5th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9
Jan 10th Tacoma AmVets 8p
Jan 11th Rock the Dock Tacoma 9-1
​Jan 16th Little Red Hen. Green lake/Seattle 9-12
Jan 24th White Center Eagles 7-11
Jan 25th Buckley Eagles 7-11   (Crab Feed night or Spaghetti)
Jan 31-Feb Not Avail.

Feb 2nd Black Diamond Eagles 5-9  Cancelled-superbowl night
Feb 7th Port Orchard Eagles 8p
Feb 14th Burien Eagles 7-11
Feb 15th SRC Dance(cancelled 4 Eagles Madam President visit) date                                                   Date is now available)
Feb 21st The Floatation Device 9p
Feb 22nd Puyallup Eagles 7:30
Feb 28th Red Dog Saloon Pt Orchard 8p
Feb 29th White Center Eagles w/JR special guest 7-11

Mar 1st Black Diamond Eagles 5-9
Mar 3rd Little Red Hen  Seattle/Greenlake
​Mar 6th Port Orchard Eagles 8p
Mar 7th Stocktons  Maple Valley 8p
Mar 13th White Center Eagles 7p
Mar 14th Rock the Dock Tacoma 9-1
Mar 20th Tacoma AmVets 8p  ((COVID CANCELLATION))
Mar 21st Wilkeson Eagles 5-9  ((COVID CANCELLATION)

Apr 3rd Port Orchard Eagles 8p  ((COVID CANCELLATION))
Apr 4th Renton Eagles 7-11         ((COVID CANCELLATION))
Apr 5th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9   ((COVID CANCELLATION))
Apr 10th Burien Eagles  7-11         ((COVID CANCELLATION))
Apr 11th The Floatation Device 9   ((COVID CANCELLATION))
Apr 18th Buckley Eagles 7:30-11:30  ((COVID CANCELLATION))

​May 1st Port Orchard Eagles 8p  ((COVID CANCELLATION)
May 2nd Stocktons  Maple Valley 8p  ((COVID CANCELLATION)
May 3rd Black Diamond Eagles 5-9  ((COVID CANCELLATION)
May 8th Roy General Store (OGS) 8p  ((COVID CANCELLATION)
May 9th Rock the Dock  Tacoma 9-1  ((COVID CANCELLATION)

Jun 5th Port Orchard Eagles 8p  ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Jun 7th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Jun 12th White Center Eagles 7. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Jun 19th Bremerton Elks 7:30. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Jun 20th SRC at South Tacoma Eagles   ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Jun 26th Tacoma AmVets 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)

July 3rd Port Orchard Eagles 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
July 5th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9. ((COVID CANCELLATION) 
July 10th Bremerton Elks 7:30. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
July 11th Stocktons- Maple Valley 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
July 17th White Center Eagles 7-11. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
July 18th Rock the Dock 9p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
July 31st RoySteakhouse (OGS) 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)

Aug 2nd Black Diamond Eagles 5-9. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Aug 7th Port Orchard Eagles 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Aug 8th Private Party Purdy 3-6. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Aug 14th Bremerton Elks 7:30. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Aug 15th SRC at South Tac Eagles 8-11((COVID CANCELLATION)
Aug 30th ?Black Diamond Eagles 5-9. ((COVID CANCELLATION) 

Sep 4th Port Orchard Eagles 8p ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Sep 6th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9 ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Sep 11th Bremerton Elks 7:30 ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Sept 12th Stocktons- Maple Valley 8. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Sept 25th Tacoma AmVets 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)

Oct 2nd Port Orchard Eagles 8p. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Oct 4th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Oct 16th Bremerton Elks 7:30. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Oct 23rd RoySteakhouse (OGS) 8p ((COVID CANCELLATION)

Nov 1st Black Diamond Eagles 5-9 ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Nov 6th Port Orchard Eagles 8p ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Nov 13th Bremerton Elks 7:30. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Nov 27th White Center Eagles 7-11. ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Nov 29th ?Black Diamond Eagles 5-9. ((COVID CANCELLATION)

Dec 4th Port Orchard Eagles 8p ((COVID CANCELLATION)
Dec 5th Niqually Valley Moose--Yelm  8-12 x-mas party(COVID C)
Dec 6th Black Diamond Eagles 5-9  (COVID C)
Dec 11th Bremerton Elks 7:30  (COVID C)
​Bookings: H-253-535-3599 
  or C-253-686-9580 (this number also text-able)
Dates are on a first come, first booked basis, so please book early to ensure your date is secured. Thanks!!!

Thanks to:   Auburn Eagles, Angel of the Winds Casino,  Little Creek Casino, Red Wind Casino,  Multicare Health Systems, WA Pilots Association, Puget Sound Antique Aircraft Club, Pick & Shovel, Eatonville Eagles, Stocktons, Moondogs Too, Fall City Days, Pacific Days, Little Red Hen,  Red Dog Saloon,  Manchester Pub, Puyallup Eagles, Taste of Tacoma, Bite of Seattle, White Center Eagles, Burien Eagles, TK's Irish Pub, Pogachas of Issaquah, Happy Trails Arena, Rainier Sportsmans Club,  Bob Pell Parties, Tacoma AmVets, Big Country Saloon,  The Barrel, Nudestock, Yelm Summer Festival, The Locker Room,  Bremerton Elks, West Seattle Eagles, Roy Generalstore Steakhouse, Tacoma Elks, Lakewood Elks, Shelton Elks,  Orting Eagles, Elmer's Pub, Dawsons, Tacoma Amvets/SRC group, Cowboy Ups Lady Luck,  Riverside Inn, Jerry Andels' Ranch, The Cascade,  Baldys, The Outpost, Branding Iron (both Tacoma & Montana!), The Alibi & Two Doors Down in Lewiston, and all of Republic WA., Burien, Duval Days,  Burien Elks, Port Orchard Eagles and too many to list.  Plus, all those who Support live music.  Support school music programs. Let's do it again!!!!!
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